About The Home Coach

Certified Home Inspector in Mississauga, ON

The Home Coach is about more than performing top-level home inspections, that’s a given. If you’ve done some research I’m sure you’re familiar with… “we are thorough”… “we are certified” … or ” we follow the standards of practice of such & such association…”. Well of course! Don’t we all expect a certain standard? I know I do.

We’re about giving a great inspection experience. From flexible as possible scheduling to talk you through how to light your gas fireplace 10 months after you moved in – we want to help. We’re not called The Home Coach by accident!

When you work with us, you’ll notice things are a little different. Not just as home inspectors but as people. We are friendly. Not because we should be but because, simply, we are. We care about things like accountability, charity, honesty, humanity, and integrity. We like to have fun and encourage others to do the same. Life is just too short not to smile and laugh when you can.

Are we certified? Yes, and then some. Certified Professional Inspector, Certified Master Inspector, Certified Inspection Expert, Certified Infrared Investigation, to mention a few.

Do we check “x” Yes! Do we look at “y”? YES!

Do you have the right tools? Yes, more than most actually.

Do you have experience? Yes- over 5000 inspections since 2006. We’ve helped thousands of clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. And perhaps more importantly, saved them the headaches of post-purchase “surprises”.

We would love to earn your business. If you give us 5% of your trust, we’ll earn the other 95%.