Walls and Doors

Welcome to the Walls & Doors section of our Home Maintenance Guide. Here you will find helpful guides on Fixing Self-Closing Doors, Screen Replacement, Repairing Drywall Holes, The Painting Process, and more!

  • Self-Closing Doors

    You know that annoying door you have that closes on its own? Take care of it with this quick fix.

  • Improperly Installed Deadbolts

    An improperly installed deadbolt can be a real security concern. Watch this video to learn how to test yours and fix it if needed.

  • Screen Replacement

    Don’t let a warped or torn screen be an eyesore all season. Fix it yourself in just a few simple steps!

  • Repairing a Small Drywall Hole

    Having holes in your drywall can be unsightly. By watching our video, you can learn to repair small sized drywall holes.

  • Repairing a Medium Drywall Hole

    Is there a hole in your wall that’s larger than your thumb but smaller than 4 inches? Watch this video to learn how to repair this medium sized hole.

  • Preparing to Paint

    Do you want to paint a room in your house but you don’t know where to begin? Watch our video to learn how to get started.

  • The Painting Process

    Looking to quickly make over a room? Try a fresh coat of paint! Watch our video for tips on the painting process.

  • Installing a Hinge Pin Door Stop

    A door that opens too wide can damage your walls. Installing a hinge pin door stop is an easy and inexpensive way to correct this. Watch our video for more info.

  • Fixing Nail Pops

    Nail pops are a common occurrence - especially in the first year after new construction. But if you’re past your builder warranty, you may need to fix it yourself. Here’s how.

  • Fixing a Stuck Door Latch

    Do you have an annoying interior door that won’t click shut? This may be caused by a stuck door latch. In this video, we show you a quick way to fix this issue.

  • Installing an Interior Door Knob

    Looking to update the look of our house? One easy way to do this is to replace all the knobs on your doors. Watch our video to learn how.

  • Replacing Door Hinges

    Nothing can make your house (and doors) look old faster than nasty door hinges. Watch our video on how quickly and easily you can get these replaced.