• Pre-Purchase / Buyer's Inspection
    Homes are a big investment and are made up of several complex systems. You need an unbiased, competent professional who has your best interests above all else in mind. The Home Coach has helped thousands of buyers avoid issues, concerns and "money pits".
    • Pre-Listing / Seller's Inspection

    You listed your home, kept it tidy for days or weeks and had several interested parties go through. An offer came in, negotiations went back and forth and finally a selling price was agreed upon... on condition of a home inspection. During the inspection a few issues were uncovered and now the buyer wants you to reduce the price, again! The fact is it doesn't have to go down this way. What if you had the home inspected before listing it? The inspection would have brought the items to your attention long before the issues could possibly " kill the deal". You would have had time to decide how to move forward while everything was in your control. You could have taken the time to get several quotes and find the most reasonable contractor to deal with. It's highly likely there would be only would negotiation and as several studies have found, you would likely sell faster, with less stress and for more money.

    • Tarion Warranty Inspection

    In Ontario, new homes come with a warranty from the builder. Tarion's primary purpose is to protect consumers of new homes by ensuring that builders abide the provincial legislation. It takes special training to know the construction guidelines of the Tarion program. The Home Coach protects new home clients by ensuring these guidelines are met. A warranty inspection is best conducted at the 30 day or 11 month of new ownership.

    • Infrared/Thermal Scanning

    Moisture is a home's biggest enemy. Often, a component may be wet but not be visible. Infrared "IR" sees beyond the human eye and is the best way to search for "hidden" moisture.

    • WETT Inspection

    If fireplaces are improperly installed and maintained, they can be dangerous to the homeowner and could also prevent a buyer from getting home insurance. A WETT inspection report details the areas in which the fire-burning installation meets or does not meet the manufacturer's instructions and the appropriate building codes. The inspection is performed by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified professional.

    • Pool/Spa

    Pools can hide all sorts of issues and future costs. We can refer you to specialists whom have the equipment and training to find these hidden concerns.

    • Maintenance Consultations

    Regular maintenance is the best protection for your home's health and value. The Home Coach offers this service for those wishing to protect their investment and their pocket book. Routine maintenance is always cheaper than repairs!

    • Asbestos/Vermiculite

    Homes built even into the 1990's have been found to have asbestos containing materials or "ACMs". A common area to see potential ACMs is in certain attic insulation, floor tile and acoustic ceiling tiles. The Home Coach can offer guidance and where necessary, take samples and have laboratory testing conducted.